Josh Davidson

Name: Josh Davidson

Position: Owner and Trainer

Education: Bachelor of Science in Physical Education and Master of Sports Administration, both from Valparaiso University

Certifications: PTI Level 3 Trainer and ACSM Exercise Physiologist

Bio: I’m originally from Mishawaka, IN about 10 minutes from Notre Dame’s campus, so obviously I root for the Irish. I met my wife at Valpo and we’ve been married since 2013. We have a son, Theo, who is 1. I’m enjoying watching him growing up! I like to stay active, so summer is my favorite season with all the outdoor activities that can be done with beach volleyball being number 1. I’m a college basketball fan and follow college football and the NFL.

Personal Fitness/Nutritional Goals: I would like to finish a half-marathon in 1hr 30 min, official time. I ran the IndyMini a couple years ago and just missed it with 1hr 31 min. I would also love to compete on American Ninja Warrior. I used to watch the Japanese version in college and have watched the U.S. version in the past few years. I would really need to work on my grip strength, that’s for sure.

Favorite Exercise: I’m a fan of the Leg Curl machine. You know when you’ve hit your limit when the weight won’t move any further. I also like Bosu Ab Crunch. It looks so easy, but do it right, and it’s insanely tough.

Least Favorite Exercise: Not a big fan of the Wall Sit. I would rather do 1 minute of Burpees than a 1 minute Wall Sit.

Hobbies: Outside of work, I like to play sports. Since moving to Fort Wayne, I’ve been playing beach volleyball in the summer and indoor volleyball in the winter through FairPlay Volleyball. I’ve been known to play some basketball as well, though not as consistent as I would like. Besides staying active, I enjoy spending time with my wife and son: going for walks, working in the yard, or swimming at the pool. Our families live out of town so there tends to be some traveling done throughout the year to see them.

Quote: “Trust the Process.” – Rich Lynch

Future Plans: Watch my son grow up and be there to cheer him on in whatever he does (I’m hoping for sports though) and be a great husband/father. Outside of that, I want to help as many people feel more confident and comfortable with their bodies. I would like to grow PTI and open another location in the next couple years.

Best Part of My Job: Interacting with other people. So much of being a trainer is working well with others and I feel like I have been able to grow in that area since starting at PTI. But it isn’t just working well with others, it’s making a connection with them to give them that support they need in a lifestyle change.

Note to Clients: Remember that you are here for 30-60 minutes of your day. That’s a start that we can keep you accountable for. But the hard stuff, starts when you leave those doors. It’s not all gonna happen at once, there are going to be speed bumps along the way, but YOU CAN DO IT!!!