Marcos Rodriguez

Marcos Rodriguez


Currently studying business at Ivy Tech.


PTI Level 3 Trainer and ACE Certified Personal Trainer


I would have to say I am a bonafide gym rat! I love exercise and pushing my body. I became a certified trainer last year and PTI became the first job I had training clients. I’m originally from Warsaw, IN and moved to Fort Wayne last year.

Personal Fitness/Nutritional Goals:

In the short term, I want to be able to bench press 405lbs at 202lbs bodyweight, have a Powerlifting total (Squat, Bench, Deadlift) of 1600lbs at 198lbs bodyweight, and to work hard but stay injury free.  In the long term, I want to be over 200lbs bodyweight with under 8% body fat. Oh, and break a world powerlifting record.

Favorite Exercise:

Currently, it’s the bench press.

Least Favorite Exercise:

Anything having to do with cardio.

Hobbies/Outside of Work:

Outside of work, I still love to train hard in the gym. I specifically aim my training towards powerlifting. I have always had an interest in all strength sports (powerlifting, weightlifting, strongman, bodybuilding, Crossfit). Besides working out, I like to enjoy the outdoors with hikes, kayaking, and hitting the beach. I grew up playing sports all my life and love to talk about them as well. Don’t get me wrong; I love to sit back and relax as a pastime as well.


“Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.” -Swami Sivananda

Future Plans:

Travel before settling down. Become the best strength coach as well as athlete as I can. Eventually create my own business where I can train clients, specializing in sport specific strength and conditioning.

Best Part of My Job: 

Positively affecting clients and teaching them healthy habits and how to work out correctly.

Note to Clients:

I love to learn so whatever it is you do, whatever you are good at (profession or passion), tell me about it.