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This Childhood Habit Is Bad For You As An Adult

You’ve heard of siblings like this, right? Three brothers, all within about 6 years of each other. Everything is a competition. Even eating. Whoever gets the food onto their plate first gets to eat it, but it had better be gone fast or it could get stolen. If the serving dish on the table only… Read more »

What’s for dinner tonight??

How often have you picked up the kids in the evening and let them talk you into the local drive-through, because it was easier than going home and trying to figure out what to serve for dinner? Or talked yourself into it after a long day at work? If this ever happens to you, even… Read more »

Creating “More” Time by Finding “Lost” Time

Last week I encouraged you to look in the rearview mirror before planning goals for your new year. Did you have a chance to do that? If not, take another look at that message, because looking at LAST year is a critical first step to achieving your goals for NEXT year. And based on many… Read more »

Why Look in The Rearview Mirror…

The New Year is upon us! Are you feeling inundated with offers to “create your best year yet”, or “goal-setting for 2018!” or any other way of saying the same thing? I know my email inbox is full of subject lines like that. And I’m not knocking forward thinking or planning. Not by any means…. Read more »

Importance of Sleep

Importance of Sleep By: Taylor Plattner Sleep. Something all of us wish we could get more of but so few of us get enough of. We all make excuses for not getting enough sleep, but did you know that sleep is absolutely crucial in allowing our bodies to function at their peak level? If everyone… Read more »

Working Out From A Personal Trainer’s Perspective

Working Out From a Personal Trainer’s Perspective By: Michael Nix As a personal trainer, I can easily say that I love the idea of working out. The way the body functions absolutely fascinates me. There are probably many who believe that working out is easy for a Personal Trainer. Not only is the process of… Read more »

Spice Up Your Food Without Using Salt!

Spice Up Your Food Without Using Salt! By: Courtney Sudac             Salt makes everything test better, right? The salt shaker isn’t exactly the problem these days. Sodium find its ways in all types of packaged and processed foods, deli meat, canned vegetables, and of course fast food. Daily Intake Are you aware of what your… Read more »

Keeping Up During Spring Break

By: Josh Davidson Spring Break is upon us! Now is the time when families escape to warmer climates to recharge before summer and the end of the school year. For those of you that have to stay in good ole’ Indiana, sorry. It looks like Mother Nature was playing tricks on us in February with… Read more »

The Importance of Hip Mobility

By: Michael Nix When one thinks of fitness, words like strength, speed, and stamina come to mind. Thinking of these words is totally fair as they are all very important in the world of fitness. However, there is a term that is often forgotten. This term is joint mobility. Although it is often forgotten, this… Read more »

The Front Desk Perspective via Emma

By: Emma Steele Building Relationships I haven’t been at the front desk for a long time,but in the few months I have, I’ve gotten to experience PTI from a unique perspective.  Working in reception has let me see the gym from a viewpoint that’s a little more on the outside of things and it has… Read more »