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Why Look in The Rearview Mirror…

The New Year is upon us! Are you feeling inundated with offers to “create your best year yet”, or “goal-setting for 2018!” or any other way of saying the same thing? I know my email inbox is full of subject lines like that. And I’m not knocking forward thinking or planning. Not by any means…. Read more »

The Front Desk Perspective via Emma

By: Emma Steele Building Relationships I haven’t been at the front desk for a long time,but in the few months I have, I’ve gotten to experience PTI from a unique perspective.  Working in reception has let me see the gym from a viewpoint that’s a little more on the outside of things and it has… Read more »

Benefits of Being an Intern

By: Taylor Plattner I’m sure we’ve all heard of “the intern,” but have we ever stopped and thought about what being an intern really means? In our culture, interning is often joked about or glamorized and not always considered to be as important a position as it really is. In addition, many people might dismiss… Read more »

Surviving the Holiday Temptations

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year” or at least that is what we are told; but with Christmas fast approaching and the Holiday season already in full swing these words may be hard to believe. For many of us, okay most of us, the word wonderful may be overshadowed by the word stressful. After… Read more »