The Front Desk Perspective via Emma

By: Emma Steele

Building Relationships

I haven’t been at the front desk for a long time,but in the few months I have, I’ve gotten to experience PTI from a unique perspective.  Working in reception has let me see the gym from a viewpoint that’s a little more on the outside of things and it has been truly awesome to watch everybody working together and building the great relationships I see happening during every shift.  PTI is a smaller and more intimate operation.  That in and of itself has allowed me to have the opportunity for the clients to be more than just faces walking through the door every evening.  I’ve really enjoyed being here, and a big part of that has been that I’m walking into a place where I know the people coming in to train and those people know me and it’s not a stiff, overly-polite environment like I’ve encountered working for larger companies.  I think that plays a big part in why people choose PTI.

It’s truly one of the coolest parts of this place to watch people come in and build rapport with the staff.  It’s so neat to see everyone arrive for their session and automatically feel comfortable and strike up easy conversation.  Especially for this type of business, that’s vital.  People can be intimidated when it comes to getting in shape and exercising, so it’s a great thing to see everyone coming together and creating a welcoming atmosphere where people can come in to reach their goals and better themselves and feel like they are among friends.

More Than a Job

A big part of what I do is creating the schedule.  I set up appointments and keep track of who’s coming in and out throughout the evening and in doing that, it has been easy to see just how dedicated the people who work here are to the clients.  I see just how many hours each staff member is putting in everyday and I’m up here at the desk when trainers are looking at videos of new exercises that are being incorporated or making up new workouts for each PTI member.  This goes back to the wonderful relationships there are between the staff and the clients.  When you say a client name to a staff member, they can put a face to it.  The trainers know the clients’ stories, their personality, their goals, even the type of music they like to hear while they work out.  Everyone takes care to tailor the gym to each client’s needs and desires.  And that was the most notable aspect of PTI I saw when I first got hired on.  In a lot of the other places I’ve worked, the staff took a more smile-and-nod type of attitude toward the people that came in; but here at PTI, the people care about each other.  And that has made my time as the receptionist really enjoyable.