Melissa Moore - Fort Wayne , IN

My husband and I met at the gym about 10 years ago.  In the 8 years that we have been married, I have been a member of at least 5 different gyms.  Why so many?  Because I am frustrated with working out all the time and not getting the results I want.  I have even worked with personal trainers in three of those locations.  So speaking from much experience, I can honestly say that PTI has been by far the best workout with the best results.  I have lost weight and kept it off, and I am more toned and stronger than I have ever been.  (I should mention that I started at PTI after having my first baby, and I am more toned now than I was before I got pregnant!)  But more importantly, I feel good about myself and am proud that I am accomplishing my goals.  The one-on-one training keeps me motivated and working to my highest potential, and the nutritional consultations keep me focused on my goals.  The half hour workout fits well into my schedule so I do not feel like going to the gym takes away from time spent with my family.  I would recommend PTI to anyone looking to better their overall health.