Rick and Rita Deutsch



We are a retired couple in our late sixties. We had physicals and it was apparent we needed a change in lifestyle. Rick was 55 pounds overweight with borderline cholesterol problems and a borderline diabetic. Rita was suffering from arthritis pain in her neck and back. She was put on high blood pressure medication and was also 35 pounds overweight. We decided that we needed to lose weight through exercise and diet, but did not have any experience with the equipment. In short we needed help.

So in December of 2015, we chose PTI and have never regretted it. Rita lost 22 pounds and her blood pressure medication has been cut in half. She has not experienced any chronic neck or back pain. Rick has lost 35 pounds and is no longer borderline diabetic. In addition, his bad cholesterol is down and good cholesterol is up. Our doctor is amazed at the change, especially the cholesterol levels, which he opined that usually it is hereditary. Our muscle tone and strength have improved, we feel great! We are both within 10 pounds of our goal weight. PTI has become part of our life style. The staff has become part of our family. They are dedicated to their clients, and we feel as though our health and success is their priority.