Working Out From A Personal Trainer’s Perspective

Working Out From a Personal Trainer’s Perspective

By: Michael Nix

Posted by Personal Training Institute of Fort Wayne, Indiana on Thursday, March 23, 2017

As a personal trainer, I can easily say that I love the idea of working out. The way the body functions absolutely fascinates me. There are probably many who believe that working out is easy for a Personal Trainer. Not only is the process of working out a simple thing but we also get very excited by the thought of getting to work out. I am going to set the record straight. These facts are not entirely true. I know that I personally find the work outs themselves to be extremely challenging and even more challenging is getting myself up for my (almost) daily workout. There are many days that I would much rather do anything else. The trick is to find a way to get beyond the physical pain of the workout and the mental challenge that lead up to it.

How do you get through the workout?

I will not lie right now. I kind of do enjoy working out once I get started; the real challenge is beginning each time. Being a very competitive person, I have learned to embrace the physical challenge. That is not to say that the workout is an easy task by any means. I am very dramatic when I workout and if something is challenging, you better believe I am letting the person training me now about it. I have just learned to accept the physical challenge as a necessary process in the pursuit of a healthier life. For that reason I have come to appreciate “the burn,” knowing that it is only there to help me and to improve my life. This is a very difficult mindset to develop, but you eventually learn that it is a very short term discomfort for a very long term feeling of a healthier life.

How do you get the motivation to work out?

As stated earlier, this is the truly challenging part of every workout. I am often sore, I have other things to do, and until I actually feel “the burn” happening, I cannot seem to bring myself to see the benefit of it. It is a definite mental battle to tell myself that it is worth it. It is worth it though. Everyone knows the benefits of fitness, but it is hard. This statement is completely true. However, if we can allow ourselves to see the good that comes out of fitness before the work out, it can help us to embrace it and continue to do it. ¬†Pretty soon, we create a habit. We can eventually get to a point where working out is just part of our routine. There will be times when that routine breaks and you miss a few days, but do not panic. Think about the long term benefits, get back in the routine, and create the habit again to continue the cycle.

It should now be clear that even someone who has a passion for working out can struggle with it. Remember your long term goals, whatever they may be. Consistency is the key. Make it a habit and stay at it forever. There will be days that are more challenging than others, but you know why you are doing this.